Alodawpyie Meditation Center

လာေရာက္ ၾကည့္႐ႈသူ မိတ္ေဆြ အားလုံးကို လႈိက္လွဲစြာ ႀကိဳဆိုပါတယ္။

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Alowdawpyie Mediation Center (AMC)

AMC is a meditation center which provides meditation retreats based on the traditional meditation methods in Theravada Buddhism. Ashin Kelasa, who is a mediation teacher with twenty five years of mediation practice, has been teaching mediation at the Center for more than seven years. Before he was a lecturer at a well-known Buddhist University in Burma for more than ten years.

In 2006, Alowdawpyie Sayadaw visited Phoenix and envisioned a need to establish a mediation center to provide mediation training to a group of about 150 Buddhists living in the area. In honor of his vision, generous donors from Phoenix, California, Washington DC, North Carolina, Hawaii, and Florida contributed to an initial fund to purchase a land and a building. Thanks to Mr. Peter Loo, Mr. Soo We, and Mr. Tun Maung, who kindly provided assistance in finding a location and Mrs. Nelly Chung who helped in getting a mortgage.

The Center, which is located on a 1.25 acre land on which a mediation building, a Dhammavijayaramsi Cetiya (a replica of Shwedagon pagoda) and Cetiya Sima Building (a building for pagoda) are situated, was opened on February 7, 2007. Since then, the Center has become a place to worship to Buddha, a place to practice Buddhist teachings, and a place to practice mediation. The Center is located 27 miles away from the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix and is closely situated near the Superstition Mountains.

The Center is an ideal place for everyone (regardless of their belief and religions) who is interested in learning and practicing mediation. AMC cordially invites all who seek to find peace and tranquility in their daily life through the means of mediation practices. The Center offers mediation teaching every day.